Here at Dostaff, we believe in the TRUE all purpose Labrador
Retriever.  Our Labradors compete in hunt tests, conformation
shows, agility trials, and obedience trials, but, first and foremost, they
are our beloved family pets. Health, temperament, trainability, and
conforming to the AKC breed standard are the qualities we hold
high. Each breeding here at Dostaff is carefully researched and
planned in the hopes to produce high quality Labradors. All of our
Labradors have their final OFA Hip/Elbow clearances as well as
annual eye exams.

Every puppy is born and raised right here in our home.  I sleep in the
same room with mother and puppies for the first few weeks of their
lives.  They are introduced to normal home life from the time they
are a few weeks old.  Vacuum cleaners, T.V. noise, dishwashers,
dryers, and everyday noises are part of the puppies life from day one.

From day 3 to day 16, I perform the '
Super Dog' program to start
early neurological stimulation.  Our puppy yard includes tunnels,
teeters, and a variety of other stimulating toys.  All puppies are
introduced to different types of ground, such as, concrete, gravel,
grass, carpet, tile, wood, etc.  As weather permits, our puppies are
introduced to water.  Because we believe in an all purpose Labrador,
all of our puppies are introduced to gun fire and feathers before they
leave our home.  We provide our puppies with what we feel to be the
best start to their lives.    

Please feel free to
contact me if you are interested in a Dostaff
Labrador Puppy.
What can you expect a Dostaff puppy to grow
up to be?  View some of our puppies in their
new homes
Our Philosophy at Dostaff
We do not have any puppies available at this time.
Our next planned litter will be in the fall 2019.