(Ch Mt Meadow Black Eye Affair X Feather Downs Affair Lady RN CGC)
Whelped November 24th, 2009
CERF Clear, EIC Clear, CNM Clear,
Optigen Clear, Heart Clear Echo Color/Doppler
OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal, Full Dentition
Co-owned and Loved by Jennifer and Alexis Carroll of
Lynneville Labradors
For Stud Service, Please contact Jennifer of Lynneville Labradors
   Jennifer, I cannot thank you enough for taking care of my baby boy!  I know he is TRULY
spoiled and I wouldn't have it any other way!  CONGRATULATIONS on everything you have
done with him so far!  He is a special boy and I'm so thankful I can share him with you!  
   Tye finished his AKC Championship with 16 points that included 4 majors under breeder
Judges (Special thanks to Michael Silva, Manolo Queijeiro, and Sue Williamson for these
prestigious wins)!!!  His first show as a Champion, he was BOSS under breeder Judge Lisa
Weiss!!!   Way to go, Alexis and Jennifer!!!

For Stud Service, Please contact Jennifer Carroll of Lynneville Labradors!!
Tye at 7 weeks (above)
Ch Mtn. Meadow Black Eye
BISS Ch Kai Den's Black
Tie Affair JH WC
Ch Guideline's Master Card
SV-91 N Ch Guidelines
Guidelines Mondi
Ch Hennings Mill Hase'N to
Kai Den WC
Ch Chafern Court Star of
Ch Country Place
O'Hennings Mill
Mtn. Meadow It's About Time
Ch Dickendall Arnold
Ch Dickendall Ruffy SH
Dickendall A-Ha
Mtn. Meadow Party Time
Dickendall Mr. Tulsa
Beulah Lands Amazin Grace
Feather Downs Affair Lady
Trinity's Judgement Day
Ch Dickendall Davaron
Ch Dickendall Arnold
Wolvercote Gaity Girl
Ch Trinity's Eternal Joy
Ch Lobuff's Bare Necessities
Ridge View Trinity's Selena
Ch Feather Downs Casual
BISS Ch Kai Den's Black Tie
Affair JH WC
Ch Guidelines Master Card
Ch Hennings Mill Hase'N To
Kai Den WC
Ch Feather Downs Aidana
Ch Sailin' Cajun's Casanova
Ch Faulkaur Moonlite
BISweepstakes at the New Brunswick Kennel Club at 16
months!!! (above)
Tye at 25 months (above and below)
Major Win under Sue Williamson
Major Win under Manolo Queijeiro
Major Win under Michael Silva
(16 months)
BOB Major Win under Michael Silva
(2.5 years old)