Thank you for visiting our 'home' on the
web.  We are located in a small rural town south
of Little Rock, Arkansas, where I grew up.  I
have always been an animal lover and grew up
with horses, chickens, cats, and of course,
dogs.  When I started college, I had always
wanted to get more involved in the sport of
purebred dogs.  I started with an American bred
Labrador, Abby, and competed in obedience
and agility with her.  She was the smarted dog
I'd ever owned!!!  I was 'hooked' on the
Labrador after that!

   After Abby got older, I found myself
wandering over to the conformation shows to
watch the Labradors compete there. Those
Labs were BEAUTIFUL!  I decided then, that I
wanted to start showing in conformation.  But
where to start?  Thankfully, I met a wonderful
breeder who showed me the ropes and I got my
first 'show' dog, Brandy.  While showing Brandy,
I met so many wonderful breeders, whom I now
call my good friends.  

   From then on, I knew that I wanted to
produce my own line of all purpose Labradors.  
Ones that are smart, friendly, and good
looking.  With the help and guidance of my
good breeder friends, I am slowly starting that

   Thank you again for visiting our home on the
web, and feel free to take a good look around
and visit with our Labradors!!!

                   ~Melissa and Brandon Bickerstaff